Interaction between the Family Health Units and the Academia da Cidade Program in Recife, Northeastern Brazil


  • Raquel Pajeú
  • Juliana Cavalcanti
  • Vanessa Moura
  • Cícero Figueirêdo
  • Vandepaula Melo
  • Emmanuelly Lemos Universidade de Pernambuco - Escola Superior de Educação Física



Family Health, Primary Health Care, Intersectoral Action, Motor Activity


The objective of this study was to analyze the relationship between the professionals of the Family Health Units (FHU) from Recife and the Academia da Cidade Program (ACP). A descriptive cross-sectional study with a quantitative approach was performed. The study population consisted of 203 professionals from 48 FHUs located two kilometers away from the ACP centers. Data were collected through the application of a self-administered questionnaire from prescheduled visits to the FHU. The variables were related to socio-demographic aspects, professional category, knowledge about the ACP and interaction between the two services. Data tabulation was conducted in the EpiData Entry software, version 3.1. In addition, the SPSS software, version 10.0, was used for the quantitative analysis and results were shown in absolute and relative frequencies. Most respondents were female (89.2%), aged between 30 and 39 years old (37.4%). The majority (95.0%) claimed to know the ACP and the FHUs in their health district (76.5%), although 81.4% had not performed an intervention in the Program centers. Even though 51.3% informed that the Program conducts interventions in their unit, almost half (50.9%) reported never inviting ACP professionals to staff meetings. The referral and counter-referral of users showed a low frequency both from the FHU to the ACP and from the ACP to the FHU. It can be concluded that, although there is interaction between professionals from the FHU and the ACP, this appears to be incipient, indicating that they have not yet established an integrated and continuous relationship with the ACP.


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Pajeú R, Cavalcanti J, Moura V, Figueirêdo C, Melo V, Lemos E. Interaction between the Family Health Units and the Academia da Cidade Program in Recife, Northeastern Brazil. Rev. Bras. Ativ. Fís. Saúde [Internet]. 1º de setembro de 2016 [citado 27º de novembro de 2021];21(5):410-9. Disponível em:



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